About Us

Technology is like the banyan tree. The bigger it grows the stronger its roots becomes. One of the seeds of this growing technology is ‘Linux’. SnashLUG stands for SnashLUG Nashik Linux Users Group. This group is initiated under by group of students of Information Technology from Nashik. SnashLUG is a group of hobbyists, professionals and enthusiasts from all walks of life joined by a common interest in using, administering, or developing Free Software for Linux-based operating systems. We encourage people to use and play with open source software The SnashLUG promotes, protects and advances Linux by marshaling the resources of its members and the open source development community to ensure Linux remains free and technically advanced. Linux and open-source is the main platform we deal with. Group is open and free to join for anyone interested in technology.


Debugging Freedom


  • To spread the knowledge about the open source GNU/LINUX.
  • To encourage the people to use more and more open source software.
  • To support the users of Linux with any sort of difficulties.
  • To create a socializing environment among the people about the technical scenarios.


  • Install distributions for newbie.
  • Teach members about GNU/LINUX.
  • Compare GNU/LINUX to other operating systems.
  • Teach members about application software.
  • Discuss the free software/open-source movement.
  • Discuss user group business.
  • Technical presentations.
  • Configuration and bug-squashing.

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